Gluten Free Dough

Are you exploring options to introduce a scrumptious and convenient gluten-free pizza dough to your supermarket shelves? Your search ends at Dallas International! Renowned as a leading wholesale gluten-free pizza dough distributor, we offer a premium dough ball to satisify all culinary preferences.

Our gluten-free dough is meticulously crafted with certified gluten-free ingredients, making it entirely safe for individuals with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. We have honed our selection to a singular, yet versatile, dough ball that is perfect for satisfying your customers' varied needs.

Our dough's freshness is paramount to us. That's why we freeze it, allowing you to store it for later use without losing quality. These frozen pizza dough balls wholesale are simple to thaw and utilise, saving both time and energy for consumers.

Why Choose Dallas?

Competitive Pricing:
Our attractive pricing ensures a profitable addition to your supermarket's product line.
Dedicated Customer Service Team:
Our team is readily available to answer any queries about our gluten free pizza dough and other services.

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    Gluten-free diets are more than a trend; they're a necessity for many. Dallas International's frozen pizza dough ball wholesale provide an opportunity to cater to this growing market, enhancing your supermarket's appeal.

    If you're looking to partner with a wholesale gluten-free pizza dough distributor that prioritises quality, service, and value, look no further than Dallas International. Contact us today to discover more about our remarkable products and services, including our gluten-free pizza dough offering.

    Embrace the opportunity to delight your customers with Dallas International's gluten-free dough. Together, we can elevate the dining experience and make delicious, gluten-free creations accessible to all.

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