February 9, 2024
NATA PURA Portuguese Tarts have arrived in Australia! and Dallas International is the national sole distributor!

The pastel de nata was invented more than 300 years ago and is now the Portuguese pastry icon. Nata Pura  Portuguese tarts are the most internationally awarded  nata for incredible taste and authenticity.   Available in three delicious flavours, original, chocolate  and mixed berries, they are pre-baked and frozen which  gives you a ‘freshly just baked’ […]

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February 9, 2024
Samba Kisses 

Samba Kisses have a delicious wafer-thin coating of chocolate surrounding a sweet,  fluffy, incredibly light, cloud like meringue filling perched on a thin wafer base.  If you love marshmallow and meringue, then this is the most glorious combination of  the two! A one of a kind treat not to be missed.  There are a lot […]

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December 23, 2022
Yum Cha: The Experience of Eating Dim Sum - Is there a difference between 'Dim Sum' and 'Dim Sim'?

A 'Dim Sim' is traditionally made with pork and cabbage wrapped in a delicate pastry skin. It is lightly seasoned and delivers a delicious meaty texture with each bite. 'Dim Sum' is an umbrella term and refers to a whole range of small dishes and parcels served at Yum Cha. Dim sum is a traditional […]

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