Kontos is a leading manufacturer of Mediterranean flatbreads, including pita bread, pizza crusts, and traditional Greek pita. Their flatbreads are made with high-quality ingredients hand stretched and baked to perfection, resulting in a delicious and authentic taste.

One of their most popular products is their classic pita bread, which is perfect for use in sandwiches, wraps, or simply enjoyed on its own. The pita bread has a soft and fluffy texture that pairs well with a variety of fillings.

Kontos also offers a variety of flavoured flatbreads, including garlic, hommus, onion, and olive, which are a great option for those looking for something a little different.
When it comes to high-quality, delectable flatbreads, Kontos is an excellent choice. Their unwavering dedication to utilising the finest ingredients and traditional baking techniques ensures that you receive an authentic and flavourful product with each bite.

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Dallas International takes great pride in its role as an Kontos distributor. Operating distribution centres across multiple states, we ensure efficient delivery options that include direct shipment to retailers or utilising the retailer's preferred warehousing and distribution method. Our primary focus is to provide seamless distribution services, enabling the availability of Kontos products to retailers while maintaining their desired supply chain processes.

To enquire about or becoming a stockist of Kontos products, please contact us via phone or complete the form below. Rest assured, a member of our team will promptly get in touch with you. We look forward to assisting you with your ordering needs.

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